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“…I registered with [Dr Ayling] because I had had problems with my own GP trying to get an appointment…I never felt uncomfortable with Dr Ayling and he gave me more confidence than any other doctor I have registered with…Dr Ayling was extremely helpful and supportive…He was really like the type of village doctor you would see [on television]…He was very caring and knew all his patients well…When I first joined the practice he asked me if I would like a chaperone while I was examined, but I never felt it was necessary…I felt comfortable with him from the beginning. I have to say that whenever I have attended the surgery, I sometimes had to wait for quite a while and I have never seen any patients coming out of his surgery looking unhappy or distressed…

Female GP patient for 10 years

“…I needed to register with a local GP and a neighbour who was a Nurse recommended Dr Ayling to me…I did attend on a 3 yearly basis for a routine smear…It was all over and done with in a manner of minutes in a very brisk professional manner. I have had smear tests carried out at the family planning clinic and they were done in much the same way. There was never a nurse or chaperone present, but I noticed that there was a notice in the waiting room that said that if one was required, you can request one, though I personally never felt the need…I would not want to change practices as I think [Dr Ayling] is a good family GP…”

Female GP patient for 14 years

“…when I did [attend the surgery] it was for routine smears and on a couple of occasions for cysts on my breasts…I usually went for a smear every 3 years…It seemed to be a fairly straightforward procedure done as quickly as these things can be…I never had a chaperone but I never felt it was necessary. There was a notice in the waiting area which said they would arrange one if you wanted one…I continue to see Dr Ayling as a GP and I have no problem in going to see him. As a GP he was thorough and referred patients if necessary. I can understand some patients may think he was rather brusque and he often seemed tired and under pressure but he never short-changed in the care he gave…”

Female GP patient for 12 years/

“…When I was looking for a GP I was sent a list of practitioners in the area. The only other practice in the area was […] and I knew that people complained bitterly that you could never get an appointment there, so I chose to register with a sole practitioner. Over the years I have had to attend on a number of occasions with women’s problems…I have had internals by other doctors, including a gynaecologist and I can confirm that Dr Ayling carried the examinations out in exactly the same way as the other doctors I have been to…There was never a chaperone…although I was asked if I wanted one to be present, however I never felt the need as he was always professional…I can remember one specific occasion when Dr Ayling was particularly supportive to me…Another time […] my daughter was ill after an accident and she was taken to [hospital], Dr Ayling ‘phoned to ask whether or not I needed any support at the time. That was typical of him. He was always dashing about, but he was a very sympathetic, supportive GP…”

Female GP patient for 16 years

“…My first visit to Dr Ayling was for contraceptive advice…As far as I am concerned he was a traditional GP, always very busy but you knew that when you were in the surgery with him you would get quality time…I personally would rather wait and get good treatment, than be whizzed in and out without being listened to…when he did have to carry out any intimate examinations, they were always done in a professional manner and in my opinion only when required. I would say that as a Nurse I have seen and carried out many intimate examinations on patients over the years and at no point do I feel that Dr Ayling’s technique was any different to any other practitioners that I have seen or experienced…”

Female GP patient for 6 years

“…Dr Ayling has always been a very friendly and thorough GP and he has put himself out more than necessary…This was typical of the attitude of the surgery as a whole, often going beyond what was absolutely necessary to make sure that the treatments that the patients received was the best possible…Dr Ayling always takes time to listen to his patients. If he can help he will, if he cannot he will simply refer you to the best possible person to deal with your problem…”

Female GP patient for 19 years

“…I specifically asked if I could stay on [Dr Ayling’s] books despite moving out of his official catchment area…I have had a variety of problems over years…I have had a smear test carried out on the usual three yearly basis and these were carried out in the normal way. I did not have a chaperone in the room during these examinations but I did not feel the need as he was at all times professional and indeed if a chaperone had been present I would in fact have felt more uncomfortable…He has been extremely supportive…On one particular occasion I called the local on-call doctor service…and they refused to come out to me and as I was desperate I contacted Dr Ayling and although it was not officially his working hours...he did attend to me as a home visit…He was very caring and supporting and put himself out more than most GP’s would do…when he retires…I doubt very much we’ll get such good service as we have had from Dr Ayling from anybody else…”

Female GP patient for 16 years

“…I must have been 21 when I first joined [Dr Ayling’s] surgery. I have attended his surgery for various reasons over the years, including contraceptive advice and smear tests. I only ever had a smear once every 3 years and nothing struck me as being out of the ordinary…I have moved around quite a lot in recent years and I have my ante-natal care with Dr […] and I am currently registered with Dr […]. With all these doctors I have had smear tests carried out and they have all been done in exactly the same way…

Female GP patient after 1986

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