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“…It has to be said that Dr Ayling did pick up several cancers that were missed by Mr Ledward…”
Colposcopy nurse, William Harvey Hospital

“…I never had the impression that there was anything indecent in his approach…”

Former Practice Midwife A

“…I have never in all the years I worked with Dr Ayling heard him or seen him do or say anything to a patient that I considered to be in any way inappropriate. He behaved at all times in an entirely professional manner. I have never heard any patient make a complaint about Dr Ayling and it was certainly my experience that the midwives would be the first port of call for patients who were concerned in any way about a doctor’s behaviour. No one ever expressed any concerns about Dr Ayling…”

Former Practice Midwife B

“…Since the new arrangements Dr Ayling has had no physical contact at all with his patients unless there is a chaperone present. When these arrangements were first introduced I was particularly struck by the fact that Dr Ayling was very relaxed in my presence. I did not form the opinion that he could be doing anything different to what he had been doing before a chaperone was present. There was certainly nothing in his manner that made me suspect that he had changed his practice over night just because I was there in the room. His consultations seemed to run very smoothly and he seemed to have his own routine for such things. I would say that I am generally very impressed by the standard of Dr Ayling’s examinations and patient care. Not just in relation to gynae consultations, but any examinations…”

Practice Nurse

“…In my view he is a meticulous doctor and his job is everything to him. Dr Ayling has a very old fashioned approach to patient care. He goes into enormous detail in referring patients and I know that some doctors do very short referral letters in contrast. This reflects his personality as a whole…Dr Ayling always had time to speak to patients and would take great trouble to sort out their problems. I know that he has occasionally upset the Health Authority because he sticks up for his patients and if he believes in something he will take action. For example he has fought against the local GP ward being closed…”

Practice Secretary for 12 years

“…I have had a fairly complex gynaecological history and have received both ante natal and post natal care from Dr Ayling as well as the care and attention I required during and after four miscarriages…and I have to say that any examination I have had done by Dr Ayling has been exactly the same as when it has been done by any other doctor or consultant when I have attended the Hospital…”

Female GP patient for 13 years

“…I have been a patient of Dr Ayling since I was fifteen…Dr Ayling is always kind and attentive and he never made you feel that you were being rushed during your appointment…I consider that he is a very thorough doctor and I have always been happy with the service I’ve had from him. Even though I have moved house I have not changed my GP and would not consider doing so…I have never felt the need to ask for [a chaperone] either as I have always felt comfortable with his clinical manner…”

Female GP patient for 13 years

“…I have been a patient of Dr Ayling since I was four or five years old…I have had a multitude of problems which Dr Ayling has very kindly helped me with. I…had to attend for very frequent antenatal visits due to pre-eclampsia. I was eventually admitted to the William Harvey Hospital in Ashford where I was so distressed by the treatment I received that I discharged myself and Dr Ayling arranged for me to go to the Kent & Canterbury Hospital where I was much happier with the treatment I received…I know there was a notice in the waiting room which said you could have a chaperone if you wanted one but I never felt the need but sometimes my husband would come out of curiosity. It made no difference to the type of treatment I received from Dr Ayling whether there was somebody else with me or not and I had no reason to mis-trust him…

Female GP patient for 18 years

“…[Dr Ayling] was always professional, yet approachable and I never felt uncomfortable with him even if I had to ask him what could have been embarrassing questions. I saw in a newspaper the allegations that were made against Dr Ayling…I have to say that I was shocked and surprised. I never thought that he was anything but a good doctor…There was a comfortable feel at the practice and all I can say is that I think that Dr Ayling is an ideal doctor…”

Female GP patient for 11 years
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