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Letter to the Sector Administrator, Kent and Canterbury Hospital

Response by two Consultants to letters received dated 20th July 1978.

…We will deal with the […] letter first. We were very amused by your statement “if it is felt that there is a need for additional Registrar posts etc.”, Miss […], who retired five years ago, even went, with the late Dr. […], R.M.O., to Dr. […] at the D.H.S.S. to plead for extra Registrar cover, but to no avail. If you care to read our divisional meetings minutes of the past 5 years, you will see constant pleas for extra Registrar cover. We are, in fact, top of the priority list in the District for an extra Registrar. Clearly you are not very adept at public relations when you tell Mr. […] that he really is much better off than the Margate Registrar. Would you work the long, strenuous hours these dedicated doctors work? Look at the U.M.T. payments to see the hours these dedicated doctors work. You would do well to thank them for their services, and try to help them in all ways possible…

Now to the […] letter…Irrespective of how many consultants are on duty or on leave, the labour wards in margate and Canterbury need 24 hour Registrar cover in each hospital…Mr. Ayling, as you know, has 8 clinical assistant sessions in the district. It is true to say that he works 16 sessions each week, that is, 8 free. Like most doctors, of course, he is dedicated to patient care. It is our duty to help Mr. Ayling gain valuable experience for the future, by ‘acting up’ as Consultant. It is the responsibility of your extensive administrative staff to obtain locums for all grades of doctor up to, and including, consultants; it is not the doctor’s duty to obtain cover…

Two Consultants
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury
27th July 1978
Dear Mr Ayling

We would like to thank you immensely, for saving our baby’s life on Sunday night. Please excuse the handwriting. It is difficult to write in bed with a distended abdomen.

Hospital patient
Margate Hospital
1st November 1978
Dear Mr Ayling

Just a note to thank you very much for the bottle of ‘cheer’ you left us on Christmas Day, it helped us to enjoy the festivities. We were sorry not to see you but hope you had a good holiday. We all wish you a HAPPY & let us hope a ‘PROSPEROUS’ NEW YEAR. On behalf of all the maternity staff, thank you once again.

Senior Midwife
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury
30th December 1979
Dear Mr Ayling

Mr […] dissuaded us from having the Amnio-centesis (?spelling!) and sent us instead to the ultra-sonic department at Kings where the baby was shown to have an apparently perfect spine. We’re overjoyed, as you can imagine, and very grateful for all the time you gave me. Thank you.

Hospital patient
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury
8th July 1980
Dear Dr Ayling

Many thanks for asking us to see Mrs. […] and for your extremely helpful referral letter…

Obstetrician & Gynaecologist
King’s College Hospital Medical School, London
7th February 1984
Dear Dr Ayling

Re: Register of Micro-Invasive Disease

Thank you for your letter about this patient with early invasion of cervical carcinoma. The pictures are excellent and are fine examples of early stromal invasion. I think she should be registered with us and enclose the appropriate registration forms. I also return your excellent photographs.

Consultant Surgeon
Regional Department of Gynaecological Oncology
Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Gateshead
20th October 1986
2 Goodbye and Good Luck cards (35 signatures) – including:

“Thanks for showing me the Axiscan”
“Who’s going to teach the junior staff how to insert I.U. Cath?”
“Thank you for all your kindness and good advice.”
“Thank you for all your help and teaching.”
“Come back and see us again”
“Hope you’re happy where you are, do come to see us.”
“Who gives you nice white coats now?”
“Pop in some time, we will put the kettle on!!”
“Sorry we missed you going.”

Hospital staff / “all the Ante-Natal Girls”
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury
23rd July 1987
Letter to the Rt Hon Michael Howard QC MP

Re: Proposed Drug Dependants’ Prescribing Service

…Dr Ayling’s proposal is an attempt to address one aspect of the drug problem in one part of East Kent, i.e. maintenance prescribing in Folkestone, and has to be viewed in that light. Dr Ayling operates a single handed practice in relatively small premises in Cheriton High Street and has a greater number of registered addicts on his list than any other practice in Shepway. His principal motivation is unashamedly to shift what is becoming an intolerable burden on his practice to another location whilst maintaining what he views to be a very necessary service for drug addicts. To his great credit, Dr Ayling does not simply want to off load the problem but is putting considerable personal effort into finding an acceptable alternative…

Chief Executive
East Kent Health Authority
4th January 1995
Dear Dr Ayling

…The medical report you completed for me was most important in my gaining early retirement [because of ill health]. I would like to thank you for completing the report and also for the support and care you gave me during this difficult time in my life. I feel that you and your surgery staff provide an excellent caring service for local people. Thank you very much.

Male GP patient
7th August 1995
Upper Endoscopy Report


See excellent letter from GP [Dr C Ayling]…

Gastrointestinal Unit
William Harvey Hospital, Ashford
3rd June 1997
Dear Cliff

Hospital Formulary

Very many thanks for your most helpful letter. If only we could have such feed back from more people!...I have…sent a copy to […] who has been involved from the general practitioner side and can bring the points you raised to the attention of the Committee.

Consultant Physician
Medical Division
William Harvey Hospital, Ashford
5th September 1997
Dear Dr Ayling

I just want to say “Thank you” for being so kind to my mother…She and I really appreciated your kindness, especially when she was in hospital – she very much enjoyed your daily visits…

Male GP patient
7th April 1998

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