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Dear Cliff

Just a short note to thank you for your great kindness and care while I was in hospital….Best wishes from my husband and myself in your future career.

Hospital patient
Oldchurch Hospital, Romford
19th June 1965
Dear Mr Ayling

Many thanks for your particularly helpful report relating to this patient. It is such reports that make our work very much easier and give us confidence in our colleagues in other centres.

Shotley Bridge General Hospital, Consett
28th September 1967
Dear Dr Ayling

Very hearty congratulations!
I am so delighted that you have passed the exam. You have helped to maintain a most enviable record. In the last six years we have had seven Senior House Officers at the Royal Northern Hospital and every one of them has passed the M.R.C.O.G. at first shot! You join a most excellent company…

Royal Northern Hospital, London
22nd July 1970
Dear Mr Ayling

…As it is now six months since I had my operation I felt I just had to write and tell you how really fit I feel; It’s wonderful, after years of feeling wretched, to feel well every day of every month. I can’t get over it!...My faith in you as my surgeon has certainly been justified; I shall never forget you and will always be grateful for what you did for me…

Hospital patient
North Middlesex Hospital
17th May 1971
Dear Dr Ayling

Thank you very much for your full summary on this girl’s admission to the North Middlesex Hospital. This will be most helpful in relation to her present pregnancy.

West Suffolk General Hospital, Bury St. Edmunds
14th September 1972
My dear Ayling

…Good luck for the lecture post at the London hospital; as you comment, your age is probably a disadvantage as it was in mine own case in a teaching hospital application. However, the medical profession would be absolutely crazy if they didn’t utilise your unusual electronic expertise…

Joyce Green Hospital, Dartford
20th March 1974
Dear Mr Ayling

Thank you for your kindness and compassionate understanding which did so much to make May 20th a happy and joyful birthday for both […] and […]. It was immensely heartening to find an appreciation of the human dimension as well as the necessary technology and mechanics…

Thank you letter
8th June 1975
Dear Mr Ayling

Today we are taking home the results of your first home forceps delivery…We are very grateful for the kind and cheerful way you brought the infant into the world and especially for the speed with which you acted when it became necessary -in conditions that were obviously far from ideal…

Maternity patient
14th February 1976
Dear Mr Ayling

Please accept this small gift - which is sent with love and thanks for all you did for me! (a Caesar, June 24th, when I was ailing!!!)

Maternity patient
14th July 1976
Dear Mr Ayling

Thank you so much for joining us at the Midwives’ Study Day on 18th November. Your session was of great benefit to course members, and the day generally went well. My thanks for your help and co-operation.

Senior Nursing Officer
In-Service Training
Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury
21st November 1977
Dear Mr Ayling

…I want to thank you for your understanding, kindness and your never ending patience. At the end of my time in the Labour Suite, I know that I was very awkward and extremely tiring. I do apologise for this as I know that you were very tired, it was your constant gentle explaining that saw me through.

Hospital patient
Margate Hospital
21st November 1977

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