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Extracts from testimonials written by patients of Clifford Ayling
“He genuinely cares about his patients’ wellbeing and is without doubt the best Doctor that I have known during my life.”
GP patient for 16 years

“I have over the years spent many hours waiting in his surgery talking to his other patients and I can honestly say I have not heard a bad word about him.”

Female GP patient for 20 years

“When I consulted him nearly four years ago about a breast lump I could not have been given better treatment…I have the highest regard for Dr Ayling as a very kind, caring, considerate and above all highly professional general practitioner.”

Female GP patient for 14 years

“…in all those 14 years of sitting in Dr Ayling's waiting room, talking to Reception Staff, talking to other patients there has never been the slightest word , hint or suspicion of any impropriety whatsoever.”

Couple, GP patients for 14 years

“From the age of twelve I have suffered with gynaecological problems…Four years ago I had a very bad road traffic accident, which resulted in my losing a leg and suffering quite appalling pelvic damage…throughout this time when many could so easily have taken advantage, Dr Ayling has always treated my disabilities with equal attention, thoroughness and above all with the utmost respect.”

Female GP patient for 17 years

“I have had smear tests with other Consultants/Doctors which have left me feeling very uncomfortable which is not the case with Dr Ayling.”

Female GP patient for 20 years

“I have always found him to be thorough and highly professional, yet exhibiting a manner that served to put my mind at rest as a young person in an uncomfortable situation.”

Female GP patient for 14 years

“He treats people as individuals and has always shown a very caring and considerate attitude towards them.”

Managers of a Residential Home.

“I have always found him to be a straight talking down to earth and honest man, which other doctors are lacking…If a Dr does not do his job then he is accused of negligence, when he does a consultation laid-back, then he’s okay, but when he is efficient in his work and thorough in examinations then he is accused of allsorts. He cannot win. Please accept [our] family’s full support.”

GP patients for 10 years

“…he has given my son a life with dignity, and he has changed him from a suicidal person into a young man who can now at last see a future…Dr Ayling was the only Doctor who had the time and inclination to listen and then to gently and successfully steer my son away from alcohol and aggressiveness.”

Mother of a GP patient

“Thanks to Dr Ayling’s vigilance I am here to write this letter. If he had not taken the time and trouble to check all his female patients’ notes for smear results I would probably have needed far more radical treatment than just a hysterectomy.”

Female GP patient for 17 years

“He is the most caring of doctors I have ever come across.”

Female GP patient for 11 years

“…Dr Ayling taught me over the years on how to examine my breasts for lumps and on him teaching me this I have found several lumps at different times which I have needed to see a specialist and still do. If it wasn’t for Dr Ayling teaching me how to do this who knows! Things could of turned out worse for me. Thankfully they didn’t but if Dr Ayling hadn’t been thorough in the way he is I would not of detected these lumps.”

Female GP patient for 12 years

“I have been examined many times, and never once during the past 18 years have I had any reason to complain about the treatment I have received, on the contrary he has always explained the reasons for the examinations and, more important, what he was going to do!”

Female GP patient for 18 years/

“Dr Ayling examined me when I miscarried 7 years ago and was considerate and extremely caring in what was a very difficult and emotional time for me.”

Female GP patient for 8 years

“I had occasion to visit Dr Ayling for advice on the correct method of self breast-examination. A short time later I found a lump…Dr Ayling immediately passed me on to a consultant…The lump proved to be malignant…my oncologist is extremely pleased with my progress and I maintain if it had not been for Dr Ayling’s help initially my story would be different.”

Female GP patient

“…he has been professional and gone out of his way to help me with a long term drug problem when other GPs had no idea what to do…I should emphasize that had it not been for Dr Ayling I would not have known these services existed and would, without any doubt, ended up in prison!...very few GPs treat addicts and the problems that condition carries anywhere near the way that Dr Ayling does…giving people a chance…”

GP patient

“I myself have had a colposcopy in my private parts, also smear test. Dr Ayling has also examined my breast for any lumps and the treatment I’ve received has helped. We have nothing but admiration for Dr Ayling.”

Female GP patient

“I would like to say that in all the 20 years that I have been in Dr Ayling’s care, I have never had any cause for alarm.” Female GP patient for 20 years

“I was always asked to undress behind the screen before the examination began and would be left there to dress again while he was writing his notes. Never once did I ever feel vulnerable or embarrassed.”

Female GP patient for 8 years

“I…have been examined many times with regard to contraception, routine smear tests and during and after both pregnancies…he has certainly never asked any improper questions or made any suggestive comments…My last examination with Dr Ayling was for a smear test in January 1999 where Dr Ayling explained to me that a nurse had to be present…”

Female GP patient for over 15 years

“…Because of his thoroughness and caring for his patients in making sure of a true diagnosis and not just fobbing me off as a over anxious patient as the majority of doctors do these days with being told to take some painkillers and come back if it doesn’t go away, Dr Ayling found that I had ovarian cysts plus a mass or large cyst where my womb used to be…I feel very strongly about what is happening as I totally trust my doctor.”

Female GP patient

“Doctor Ayling has given me many smear tests and other examinations and has never abused his position as a Doctor. I have always found him helpful and ready to listen when one has a problem and will do all in his power to sort things out.”

Female GP patient for 19 years

“He doesn’t just give you the right prescription you need, he listens to you…Dr Ayling has examined me many times…I would really like to say I don’t know what all this ridiculous goings-on is about. Dr Ayling out of any doctors I know he is the last doctor that deserves any of this. I’m very sorry it’s a very short letter, but I’m very upset, and I don’t want to lose him as my doctor.”

Female GP patient for “quite a long time”

“I have been examined many times for breast cancer also a smear test many times. And never has Dr Ayling acted any different from any other Dr that has examined me.”

Female GP patient

“I was very distressed to read about the allegations against Dr Ayling. I have been a patient of Dr Ayling’s for many years and have visited his surgery on several occasions suffering with menstrual problems which led me to have a Hysterectomy…I have never felt that the way Dr Ayling has examined me, or that the way he examined me was any different to the way other Doctors might carry out their examinations especially when I have been in Hospital…I do hope this letter will be taken into account as Dr Ayling is well thought of in Cheriton.”

Female GP patient for many years

“He instructed me on how to examine my own breasts, feeling for any unusual lumps and checking for any change of appearance…He has given me an internal examination in recent years and this examination was of no different procedure or less professional than any other G.P./Gynaecologist that I have been examined by on previous occasions.”

Female GP patient for 15 years

“I am now and have been for some 5-6 years disabled and in a lot of pain. He has been very solicitous and even inventive (acupuncture, etc.) and also very patient. I’ve also had some gynaecological problems to which he has been a Godsend, showing me correctly how to examine myself and having had lumps, I was very grateful.”

Female GP patient for 18 years

“…I recently experienced a serious illness and if it was not for the persistent pressure put on the local hospital by Dr ayling, I might not be here today. He continually insisted upon the hospital seeing me to find out why I was in so much pain, when the hospital kept telling me “you just have a water infection”! The pain resulted in a abscess bursting in my stomach, for which I had major surgery.”

Female GP patient for 20 years

“During these examinations Dr Ayling always carried out the same routine each time and although many women are never really happy undergoing some of these tests (smear tests in particular) I was never made to feel ill at ease or uncomfortable in his presence. The examinations sometimes included a routine breast check, but I was always asked first if he minded me undertaking this. I always found he had time for you, no matter how busy he was…”

Female GP patient for 20 years

“…throughout the years I have had numerous internal examinations, smear tests, breast examinations and also coils fitted on two separate occasions. Dr Ayling has always treated me with the utmost respect and dignity. His approach to medicine is to treat the “whole” patient not just the physical ailment, he likes to get to know you, understand you, a rare quality in a General Practitioner these days…”

Female GP patient for 20 years

“I myself have had many examinations by Dr Ayling, he has been very thorough and always explains his procedure. I know it off by heart; I find Dr Ayling very professional with his procedure as I have had smear tests done by other stand in doctors who don’t do a full examination and I feel if there were any lumps they may have been missed…Due to Dr Ayling’s thorough examinations I had to have laser treatment on the neck of the womb…Dr Ayling helped me through the nightmare of having a lump in my breast…Dr Ayling has been treating my daughter (18 years old) for nearly a year…She finds it devastating to think he may not be there for her in the future…”

Female GP patient for 15 years

“I have had a smear test every 3 years since the age of twenty. I am now thirty four. I have always found Dr Ayling to be professional and have at no time had cause to doubt his integrity.”

Female GP patient

“Recently only through personal examination Dr Ayling referred me to the hospital and I was operated on that evening as I had a cyst on my ovary. If it wasn’t for the quickness, professionalism and personal examination that Dr Ayling done for me it could have led to something a lot more serious.”

Female GP patient

“…I have found him an extremely excellent doctor and gynaecologist who has been very thorough, without his expertise and quick efficient diagnosis I could now be facing more difficult circumstances regarding cervical matters that I am now undergoing…”

Female GP patient for 5 years

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